The Australian Sweeper Company markets an industry leading range of machines including Eureka, Mach, Factory Cat, Dulevo and LitterVac Sweepers & Scrubbers. Each is an International brand leader in its field.

Some of our major users include Linfox Transport Industries, Qantas Airways Limited, Ford Motor Company and Crown Forklifts just to name a few. Please take the time to visit our client ShowCase gallery pages.

Walk Behind Sweeper machines

Mach 1 Sweepers
ASC Mach 1

The ASC Mach 1 is Australia’s biggest selling quality walk behind sweeper.

Factory Cat 34 Sweeper
ASC Factory Cat 34

The ASC Factory Cat 34 is equipped with a large diameter main broom as well as a side broom that easily adjust…

Small Rider Sweeper machines

Mach 2 Sweepers
ASC Mach 2

The ASC Mach 2 is one of Australia’s biggest selling quality small rider sweepers…

Mach 3 Sweepers
ASC Mach 3

The ASC Mach 3 is one of Australia’s biggest selling quality small rider sweepers…

Large Rider Sweeper machines

Mach 5 Sweepers
ASC Mach 5

The ASC Mach 5 is a compact, completely hydraulic controlled high dump sweeper designed to sweep congested areas…

Mach 6 Sweepers
ASC Mach 6

The ASC Mach 6 is a completely hydraulic controlled high dump sweeper designed and manufactured by Eureka…

Dulevo 120 Sweepers
ASC Dulevo 120

The large rider sweeper ASC Dulevo 120 Elite is marketed worldwide and its reputation is reinforced with thousands?

Factory Cat 48 Street Sweepers
ASC Factory Cat 48

The small rider sweeper Factory Cat 48 is a machine specifically built for the most demanding heavy duty users…

Street Sweeper machines

Dulevo 850 Street Sweepers
ASC Dulevo 850

ASC Dulevo 850 mini combines great sweeping capacity with ease of manoeuvrability…

Dulevo 200 Street Sweepers
ASC Dulevo 200

The Dulevo 200 Quattro industrial and street sweeper is one of the world’s first mid-sized street sweepers..

Dulevo 2000 Street Sweepers
ASC Dulevo 2000

The suction sweeper Dulevo model 2000 Sky appears on the market as a generous machine with extraordinary features…

Dulevo 5000 Street Sweepers
ASC Dulevo 5000

The street sweeper and leaf sucker Dulevo 5000 is the first purpose built sweeper in the world to combine…

Walk Behind Scrubber machines

Factory Cat Minimag Scrubbers
ASC Factory Cat Minimag

The Factory Cat MiniMag (hand built in the USA) is a heavy duty scrubber designed?

ASC Factory Cat Magnum

The Factory Cat Magnum (hand built in the USA) is a heavy duty scrubber designed ?

Factory Cat Magnum Cycl Scrubbers
ASC Factory Cat Magnum Cyl

The walk behind scrubber ASC Factory Cat Magnum Cyl combines our historic cleaning ability with improved…

Factory Cat MicroMag Floor Scrubbers
ASC Factory Cat MicroMag

Factory Cat?s new MicroMag battery powered scrubber brings together our reputation…

Eureka E51 Scrubbers
ASC Eureka E51

The E51 is a professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer, ideal for the thorough cleaning of areas ranging …

Eureka E81 Scrubbers
ASC Eureka E81

The ASC E81 is a rugged, professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer, ideal for the long lasting, trouble-free?

Go Walk Scrubbers

The affordable ASC GO Walk Behind Scrubbing machine is especially suitable for?

Small Rider Sweeper machines

Factory Cat GTX Scrubbers
ASC Factory Cat GTX

The ASC Factory Cat 250 / GTX is a heavy duty scrubber designed from the ground up to last many years longer…

Eureka E75 Floor Scrubbers
ASC Eureka 75

The ASC Eureka 75 Scrubbers offers the economic advantage to be used up to four non-stop working hours thanks to…

Factory Cat 48 Sweepers

Thanks to its ultra-compact size, the ASC GF ride on scrubbing machine is…

Medium Rider Scrubber machines

Factory Cat GTX Floor Scrubbers
FactoryCat GTX Scrubber

The new Factory cat heavy Duty XR series automatic rider floor scrubbers are designed to blend durability…

Large Rider Scrubber machines

Eureka E85 Scrubbers
ASC Eureka E85

The ASC E85 ECO, is a rugged “ride-on” scrubber-dryer ideal for the professional cleaning of areas up to 8.000 m2.

ASC Eureka E110

The E110 has been designed to ensure operator comfort and ease of use.