ASC Used Equipment and Machines

Australian Sweeper Company

Australian Sweeper Company has been providing quality-focused and competitive priced services to our customers. Our establishment focuses on cost-effective prices to dominate our competition while providing above par industrial and commercial cleaning machines.

Used Equipment and Machines

Australian Sweeper Company provides equipment from well-known brands such as Duelvo International, Factory Cat, Machline, American Lincoln, Powerboss, and much more. The age of the machines available to us is less than 12 years also.

Above mentioned machines are refurbished and tested under the Australian Sweeper Company warranty. Customers can save at least 50% on new purchases. The machines available at our establishment work just as new machines. The dated machines are provided an upgrade with maintained and new components to enhance their sweeping and cleaning capabilities.

Australian Sweeper Company provides a wide range of industrial and commercial cleaning machines. The machines are available in small compact structures to industrial-grade fully operative sweeping machines.

AustralianSweeper Company aims to provide the right machine for the correct floor. Our company is able to introduce a diversified combination of sweeping machinery from the list of different brands. Detailed features of each sweeping machine with a comprehensive brand portfolio areavailable in our pamphlet.

Financing options

Australian Sweeper Company provides hire and rental services where the customer chooses to return or exchange the machine after one to five years. The machines are rented on a maintenance basis.

Australian Sweeper Company rents sweeping machines on a commercial hire. We custom tailor repayment plans and loan payments according to your business cash inflow. The title and the ownership of the machinery are transferred to you after the final payment has been made.

Chattel Mortgage service offers the facility to own the asset from the beginning. However, the acquisition secures the loan payment. Businesses can customize loan repayments for up to five years. The loan includes a deposit and a larger final installment.

The finance lease is our most popular option. Upon completion of the lease, the sweeping asset is transferred to the business. The owners of the business can dispose of the asset if they choose. This saves the company from incurring heavy capital expenditures.

Contact Us

You can email information, sales, and support departments for further queries. Write to us at PO Box 3725, Rouse Hill, NSW 2155. Our sales staff is available 24 hours at our free exchange 180 650 989. Australian Sweeper Company is readily available to assist you in all sweeping-related challenges.